How to French Braid Your Own Hair

Hey Guys! You have all been asking that I upload a How-To-French-Braid tutorial – well here it is!! It’s my first try at a how-to video, so I hope you like it!


Awesome Summer Gift Idea

Hey guys! Have a friend that you need to buy a gift for this summer but stuck on what to get them? Here is a great DIY project that is so simple and thoughtful.

All you need are the following items:
– Beach Towel
– Bottle of wine
– One or two magazines
– Bottle of sunscreen
– Large wired ribbon
– *optional* Pair of flip flops
– *optional* Pair of sunglasses

I created this gift for one of my girlfriends birthdays and she absolutely loved it. The beach towel I bought her was one of those nice big Egyptian cotton towels from Costco so I had to fold it the long way in thirds. Then I layed the wine bottle on top of the towel at the edge with the top slightly higher than the towel. I then tightly rolled the towel up around the wine bottle. *Hold it tight!* I layed two magazines on top of the rolled up towel and wrapped the large wired ribbon round it and pulled it tight into one knot. Then I placed the sunscreen over the knot and tied the ribbon over it and secured it with a double knot. Then I tied the ribbon into a bow and cut the loose ends. Tadaa!


Funky Dual Coloured Nails

I decided to try something new with my nails because I’m getting bored with having my nails one solid colour. Here is something to try that’s really fun and easy!


To achieve this look, first paint your nails your favourite colour – wait for them to completely dry. Then take small pieces of tape and press them over the area of your nail that you don’t want to change colour. Then, take your next colour and carefully paint over the exposed part of your nail. Let the polish dry to the point of just being tacky, and slowly pull the tape of in the direction of your stripe. Do one finger at a time so it doesn’t get messy – start at the pinky and work your way towards the thumb. After all of your nails are totally dry – put on a layer of top coat!

Canada Day Nails

Hey everyone! I always want to make my nails cute when I go out but I’m not very skilled when it comes to drawing cute little designs onto my nails. Here is a fun and cute thing you can try without having any sort of drawing talents at all!

Grab your favourite red and white nail polish. Paint each nail in an alternating pattern. Let it dry! It is really important that your nails are totally dry before moving onto the dots. To get the look of the dots, simply grab a toothpick and cut the pointed end off. Dip the flat end of the toothpick in the opposite colour of your nail and dab onto your finger! So easy! Let dry and cover with your favourite top coat.