Awesome Summer Gift Idea

Hey guys! Have a friend that you need to buy a gift for this summer but stuck on what to get them? Here is a great DIY project that is so simple and thoughtful.

All you need are the following items:
– Beach Towel
– Bottle of wine
– One or two magazines
– Bottle of sunscreen
– Large wired ribbon
– *optional* Pair of flip flops
– *optional* Pair of sunglasses

I created this gift for one of my girlfriends birthdays and she absolutely loved it. The beach towel I bought her was one of those nice big Egyptian cotton towels from Costco so I had to fold it the long way in thirds. Then I layed the wine bottle on top of the towel at the edge with the top slightly higher than the towel. I then tightly rolled the towel up around the wine bottle. *Hold it tight!* I layed two magazines on top of the rolled up towel and wrapped the large wired ribbon round it and pulled it tight into one knot. Then I placed the sunscreen over the knot and tied the ribbon over it and secured it with a double knot. Then I tied the ribbon into a bow and cut the loose ends. Tadaa!


4 thoughts on “Awesome Summer Gift Idea

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