Gelly Sandwich

What is a Gelly Sandwich you ask? It’s when you use regular Nail Polish between layers of Gelish Base and Top Coat. This technique is easy to do and saves you from having to buy expensive Gelish polishes – just keep using your favourite regular polishes!


Here is my most recent Gelly Sandwich

Want to know how to achieve this look? Keep reading….

What you need:

-Led Lamp for Gel Manicures

-Gelish ph Bond

-Gelish Foundation

-Gelish Top It Off

-Your favourite Nail Polish

-Cuticle Pusher

-Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse

-Nail File and Nail Buffer

1) Buff all shine off of your natural nails. Then file them to your preferred shape. Use nail surface cleanse to remove any dust and dirt.

2) Apply pH Bond to all nails

3) Apply Gelish Foundation to thumb first, then the rest of your nails

4) Cure under LED Lamp for 45 seconds (or as indicated on your lamp)

5) Apply first coat of Nail Polish

6) Let completely dry, then apply second coat of Nail Polish

7) After Nails are completely dry (no tacky) apply Gelish Top It Off top coat

8) Cure under LED Lamp

9) Use Nail Surface Cleanse to remove tacky residue

10) Use oil around cuticles to hydrate

** If necessary, apply two coats of Gelish Top Coat

Check out my quick tutorial to see how its done!!

Canada Day Nails

Hey everyone! I always want to make my nails cute when I go out but I’m not very skilled when it comes to drawing cute little designs onto my nails. Here is a fun and cute thing you can try without having any sort of drawing talents at all!

Grab your favourite red and white nail polish. Paint each nail in an alternating pattern. Let it dry! It is really important that your nails are totally dry before moving onto the dots. To get the look of the dots, simply grab a toothpick and cut the pointed end off. Dip the flat end of the toothpick in the opposite colour of your nail and dab onto your finger! So easy! Let dry and cover with your favourite top coat.