How to French Braid Your Own Hair

Hey Guys! You have all been asking that I upload a How-To-French-Braid tutorial – well here it is!! It’s my first try at a how-to video, so I hope you like it!


Dirty hair – messy bun

Have you ever had those morning where you sleep in and just don’t have enough time to do anything with your “washed a day or two ago” hair? Well here is the solution to your problem! A quick and easy way to put your hair up without anyone knowing it wasn’t washed today!



To get this look I simply put in my favorite headband to pull my bangs back. At the center top of the headband, I split my hair in two and twisted down into a low ponytail. When I pulled the hair through the ponytail I tied it into a messy bun. Then lifted it up and pinned it up off my neck and pinned the fly aways. Hairspray and you are set!

Braided Seashell Bun

I tried something really funky today! I love french braiding hair, but today I decided to try something a bit different. I started the french braid on the top right side of the head, then brought the braid down diagonally across the back to the lower left side. Then I changed directed of the braid to go straight to the right at the back of the neck. Once all the hair was in the braid, I took the straight part of the braid and wrapped it into a circle in the space under the french braid and pinned it into place! No product used here, just some bobby pins to keep it up and a headband.

Curly Side Bun

I love curling my hair but today I tried something new. First, I split my hair into three layers and used my wand curling iron to curl each layer of my hair. Afterwards, I pulled the top layer back and used a small elastic band to pull it back. Instead of tying it at the back, I tied it slightly to the right. Then I took small pieces of the hair in the elastic and slightly twisted up the piece and pinned it in place. I did this with about three or four pieces of hair (I was trying to make it look like a bun). Then spray to keep in place! Enjoy!



Braided Bun

I tried out the braided bun and it worked out great!! It took me less than 10 minutes to get the braids and the bun in! I love this quick and easy do! I added a side french braid to make it a little more funky (and because I have really long hair!) and a flower for fun! I also discovered a really great FREE photo editing program! It’s called the Pixlr-O-Matic! Check it out!